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Character Building Counts Book Awards celebrates authors and books which connect a message of honor, decency, and integrity,
and embody character-building messages which uplift individuals and society.
Books are judged based on the following criteria:
1. Character-building message;
2. Writing quality and style;
3. Creativity/originality;
4. Interior, front cover, and back cover design;
5. Editing and proofreading quality.

"It's Heart Work: Being The Village 
That Raises A Child"

Is a memoir in which "Ms. Evelyn" shares the joys and pains of counseling, mentoring, parenting, and caring for youth impacted by the circumstances of separation from their biological parents.  Her experiences and insights will provide a different perspective and understanding of the mind and "heart set" that underlies the sense of indifference, resistance, anger, and/or rejection they may experience from the children/youth they are reaching out to.  

She, and some of the youth (now adults) she's worked with, share some of the ways in which she was able to make heart connections which helped them to embrace and channel their pain into dreams; as well as the struggles she endured in loving the sons she brought into her heart and her home.

Readers will be able to identify, validate, and learn how to take care of their own emotions and well-being, and not lose their minds or selves in the process of trying to "be the village" that raises a child and loves them through. 
Ms. E's highly praised memoir 
"It's Heart Work: Being The Village That Raises A Child"   

Chronicles a 25+ year span of Ms. Evelyn’s professional and personal relationships with youth separated from their biological parents, and her experience as a foster and adoptive parent.

A portion of the sales benefits "For A Child's H.E.A.R.T., Inc." to provide counseling and support services
 for current, former and transitioning foster and adoptive youth and their families.

$18.00 plus $5.00 S/H
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“Entertaining Angels Aware: I Am My Sister’s Keeper”

         E-Book $5.00     Paper Back $15.00 
                                             (+$5.00 S/H)   

"Entertaining Angels Aware..." is a story and celebration of the incredible, God-given, soul connection, bond, and unconditional love Evelyn and her sister Kimberly have shared since the very first day their eyes met.

It is also a lifelong testimony and reminder of the manifestation of one of her first  answered prayers: to have a "little sister", and the grace to prevail by faith in the midst of life's storms. Also included are brief stories about other

"Special Sibling" relationships by

Contributing Authors:

David Boufford

Michele Demichelli

Evelyn DiMarco

Joanne Giardello

Evelyn Jackson

Vivian Lopo-Jones

Krystal Miga

Crystal Schaefer

E-Book $5.00
$15,00 + $5.00 S/H
“Contact ME Via” 

For those who have read, are reading or just KNOW 
“It’s Heart Work: Being The Village That Raises A Child”

A workbook developed to assist current and potential caregivers and “villagers”in searching their own hearts for the perceptions, beliefs, experiences and emotions which impact their work with youth.

$12.00+ $3 00 S/H
"It's Heart Work: Being The Village 
That Raises A Child"

of the
"2011 Character Building Counts (CBC) Book Awards”

“How’s Your Heart Working In the Village” Workbook

“Meeting Les Brown: 
Ms. Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy”
$12.00+ $3 00 S/H
A compilation of heartfelt & humorous personal stories about life-changing experiences of meeting and working with the world's leading Motivational Speaker and adoptee:

Mr. Les Brown
Compiled By:
Evelyn L. Polk, LMFT

Contributing Authors:
Ivan Altamirano
Clifton Anderson
Star Bobatoon
David Bridgeforth
Sue Burkhart
Wil Cason
Remi Duyile
Kandee G
Terri Liggins-Stingley
Cheryl L. Nicks
Evelyn Polk
Princess Robinson
Jacquinn Scales
Dan Smith
Curtis Weaver

$19.95+$5.00 S/H
Proceeds from the sales of this book will benefit: 

For A Child’s H.E.A.R.T., Inc.
In providing scholarships to  
recipients of the Annual 
“Les Brown 
Heart of Dreams & Tenacity Award”  
 Recipients are current, transitioning,
 and former foster youth who
 demonstrate a passion for
 fulfillment of their dreams.  
The Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network 
In underwriting expenses related to continuing
 the vision and legacy of
  Mr. Les Brown as the message of hope,