Who Should Talk to “M.E.”? 
Singles, Couples, Families, Children, Teens
Professionals in Transition
Professionals in High-profile Careers
Professionals in Health & Human Service Careers
Educators, Employers, Employees

                   Why You Should Talk To “M.E.”
Single and sad
Married and mad
Parenting and perplexed
Feeling overwhelmed by the new adjustments/demands of success
Feeling unfulfilled after reaching established goals/dreams
Feeling bored and unmotivated by life/work
Difficulty balancing work and personal life
Feeling misunderstood by family & peers
Desire to motivate/improve employee relations
Desire to improve customer service

                Ms. E Offers
Individual, Family, & Group Counseling
Workshops, Seminars & Trainings
Life Enhancement Visualization & Goal Setting
Self Esteem Building
Inner Child Healing
Effective Relational & Communication Tools
Assertiveness Training
Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
Spiritual (Christian) Integration & Guidance

                What You Can Expect From Talking to ME? 
COMPLETE confidentiality 
Insight regarding the subconscious/core issues underneath 
                                  painful and difficult life experiences/relationships

Assistance in healing life's accumulation of  emotional wounds

Ability to handle stress and anger productively

New perspectives for living life in/on purpose, 
                         and finding the humor in it. 
Increased Energy and zeal for life and work

           Increased confidence and sense of hope in setting and                                                     reaching life/career goals

Improved and more fulfilling relationships

       Would like to "Talk to ME" but you're somewhere else? 
    The World Is My Office!
I will meet you where you are- -mentally and geographically!
Ask ME about " Intensive Cluster" (IC) sessions.
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